In India, local vendors delivering milk to your doorstep is a very common practice. Daily needs like milk are critical every morning for a household and it is extremely important to have timely delivery as one’s schedules depend on these items. Dear Dairy is an app that explores the inclusion of technology in this user journey.


Young couple with an erratic schedule 
Age Group:28-35

Working Parents with 2 school going kids.
Age Group: 40-55

Working roommates.
Age Group: 22-30


Based on their requirements, I characterized the nature of their intentions into 4 categories which are the features of the app:


Ability to track the order 

Time countdown of Delivery Time and Expected Delay. In case of Expected Delay of more than 15mins, the app alerts the couple well in advance so that they can make an alternative arrangement.


Hassle free access to same information 

Single account for multiple users lets the three working roommates access/edit the same information. This information sync reduces the extra step of communicating on messaging groups about their needs or availability to receive the delivery on a daily basis.


Easy record of deliveries 

For inconsistent users, ‘Calendar’ keeps a track of all the orders and reduces the chaos of making notes. It makes it easier for the user at the time of payment.


Addressing unavailability to pick the delivery

 ‘Neighbors’ help users sync up with the neighbor informing them about her upcoming delivery to their address in case the user is not available to pick up the delivery. This is crucial for dairy products due to their low shelf life.



1. Sign up 

1(a). Sign up 

2. Product Listing

2(a). Schedule Delivery

3. Upcoming Deliveries

3(a). Edit Time