• Buzzfeed Voice Interaction Quiz

    Answer 10 buzzfeed style questions and google home will tell you the next buzzfeed article you should read.

  • 60 Days of Augmented Reality

    Exploring interfaces in the 3D space using ARCore, Unity and AfterEffects

  • Morse Video

    A game for a child with special needs to playfully learn morse code that is featured on Experiments with Google.

  • Extinct Languages

    Data Visualization of extinct languages from each country since the year 1450.

  • Rethinking Data Policy Statements

    How might we redesign Data Policy Statements to be intuitive for users?

  • Physical Data Visualization

    A game to teach personal finance rigged to a set of balloons that depict users' Checking and Savings account.

  • Connected Lighting Controller

    Wifi connected light switch that controls the Neopixels using RESTful API. 

  • Music Controller

    An accordion style music instrument that invites users to play different notes with pitch bend and is simple, intuitive and playful.

  • Lunar Lander Controller

    A tangible game controller that can be plugged into the computer using USB to play Lunar Lander.

Over the last two years, I have developed an interest in prototyping ideas using code.